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garritan and studio one 2 professional

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garritan and studio one 2 professional

Postby frack » Sun Mar 09, 2014 9:13 am

I am new to using garritan vst instruments. Any out there know how to import them into studio one professional? Also is there a way to turn off the reverb/ambience. I exported audio tracks from a finale score with garritan sounds but when played back in the daw it was way over effected. It didn't sound that way in finale. So I thought I would try just exporting the midi data and assigning the garritan sounds in studio one professional. Thanks for your help

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Re: garritan and studio one 2 professional

Postby rbowser » Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:16 am

Hello, "Frack" - Welcome to the Forum, and big congrats also on owning the full Garritan Ultimate Collection!

Taking your questions in order:

--Like all DAW software recording programs, Studio One needs to know where the VST instrument .dll files are located. Then the program scans them into its list of what to make available to the user.

Here's the page with the info you need:

How to add VSTs to Studio One

That will make ARIA available to you in Studio One, then once you have an instance of ARIA open in a project, you load the Garritan instruments you want to use. From there, if you don't know how to use software instruments in Studio One, you'll need to dig into your manual. Basically you'll be working with MIDI tracks which are in communication with ARIA.

In Finale, when you're using ARIA in a score, if you don't want to use either one of the built in reverbs, open the ARIA interface, click the Effects tab, and click the radio button(s) which are illuminated, turning off the reverbs.

Even though ARIA has its own system of reverb Sends to control how much reverb is added to each instrument, in Finale, users most often use Finale's Mixer to set an over-all amount of reverb which is applied to an entire piece. You need to make sure not to use the default level which is just a starting point, and which applies more reverb than you want. If you work that way, be sure ARIA's reverbs are turned off, otherwise you'll be adding reverb twice to the sound. And you have the option to not use Finale's reverb, but to do your reverb work in ARIA, using the Send knobs of ARIA's mixer to set different amounts for each instrument.

Since you want to now use Studio One, you'll be exporting just MIDI data from Finale, and then setting up the number of ARIAs you need for the piece in Studio One, and loading the instruments as per your score.

Since Studio one is a full-fledged DAW program, you'll probably decide, like most users, to turn ARIA's reverbs off in that program also, instead, using one of the reverb plugins available in Studio One.

That should get you started!

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