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Welcome to the MusicXML discussion list

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Welcome to the MusicXML discussion list

Postby Michael Good » Mon Jul 08, 2002 4:49 pm

Welcome to the MusicXML list. This group is intended to discuss MusicXML and the software that supports it. To give some general background:

MusicXML is a universal translator for common Western musical notation from the 17th century onwards. It is designed as an interchange format for notation, analysis, retrieval, and performance applications. We have tried to learn from the mistakes of past interchange efforts by 1) basing the format on the two strongest academic formats available, MuseData and Humdrum, and 2) testing the format by writing usable software from the beginning. The format is open for use by anyone, with a license based on the W3C license.

MusicXML is currently supported by:

- Finale 2003 for Windows
- Recordare's Dolet for Finale plug-in, for Finale 2000 and later
- SharpEye Music Reader from Visiv
- TaBazar tablature editor
- Project XEMO

More information about MusicXML is available at

The site includes pointers to the full MusicXML DTD, a MusicXML tutorial for software developers, the download page for the Dolet plug-in demo, and pointers to other companies supporting MusicXML.

We look forward to a lively and productive discussion on this list. Thank you for your interest.


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