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GPO 4, brass, trumpet section, articulations

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GPO 4, brass, trumpet section, articulations

Postby GPO4User » Mon Dec 26, 2016 3:31 pm

When using Garritan GPO 4 in Sibelius 7.5, I usually enjoy the cool sound of the brass instruments.
However, when I have chords in 1 stave which is assigned to a trumpet section, some articulations seem to disable polyphony in that stave. If I add, for example, a staccato dot, only one of 3 notes will sound.
Cound I have the sory to this, please?
Would I really have to use 1 stave for each single instrument, or is there another way of handling things?
Another issue is the saving of the playback config. If I have a score in Sib 7.5, using amongst other instruments GPO 4, I can save the custom setting of the aria player in the folder "App data\roaming", abd save the score before closing it. When reopening, Sib will have forgotten which config I had in Aria last time. Is there a workaround for this, please? I mean, I should be able to reopen a score in Sib and the full playback settings are being reactivated as saved last. Instead I often find that after reopening a score the instruments might have changed, the Aria enging takes control and suddenly a snare drum in Sib player will sound as a single-note trumpet in Aria. That is slightly weird.
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