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audio jungle, pond 5, ect.

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audio jungle, pond 5, ect.

Postby kingfreeze » Tue Jun 10, 2014 7:15 pm

Hello, I have been exploring the possibility of scoring for a student film, for a credit in the film. I found a site called Within that site, I found several "royalty free" sites such as mentioned in the topic heading above. This made me think of the possibility of collaborating with an audio engineer, and doing some clips of guitar to orchestration with the possibility of submitting said clips to sites as these for profit. Does anyone here have experience dealing with "royalty free" sites ? And if so, have you had any success ?
As I investigate the world of digital music, I am finding it not much different than the live performance world, a lot of so so product, and some outstanding product.
Largely what I am hearing, is sample generated clips comprised of an ostinato over a static harmony. I also hear brilliant works.
Does anyone have any thoughts on generating, and selling audio clips on the internet ? Or the best places to try to create commerce. Or, is this a dead end street ?
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Re: audio jungle, pond 5, ect.

Postby drumroll » Thu Jun 12, 2014 3:03 pm

Well, I can only say from the tiniest bit of experience that I think any way that you want to get your music out there is best for you.

The royalty free libraries are basically works for hire. They pay you a flat rate and then the make their money licensing your tunes. They buy your stuff and that's it. They do not report it to the performing rights organizations and you may not even get credit - hence where you see "music provided by soandso productions" in program credits.

If you write for a publisher's library then they will report your music to the performing rights org. but you may not get paid for your tune except just see a measly couple of cents in your royalty check.

The good publishers pay you for your tunes and you see the royalty check. Still, I wouldn't say that this can be your sole support until you have really made a name for yourself.

Working with student films is fun but it usually is only for credit. But, the benefit could be that you hit it off with a future director and a lucrative partnership follows.

I hope that this information is a start. Maybe others can chime in with what is working for them.

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