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JABB components missing after plogue install

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JABB components missing after plogue install

Postby drjules » Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:13 am

I have been using JABB 3.0 for a while with no problems whether it be in Reaper or Cubase AI7, but today I thought it might be a good idea to install the Plogue Szforzanda sample player as a VST plugin. This also operates using the Aria engine. However, now I find when I load the plugin into a project in Cubase AI7 I am told that important components of the ARIA player are missing, and that I should reinstall. The player loads up but all the effects are gone. I tried reinstalling the ARIA player (but not the whole JABB package), and the problem is still there. My understanding is that the Aria engine should reinstall if you only reinstall the players.

What am I missing here?
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Re: JABB components missing after plogue install

Postby Credo » Tue Oct 13, 2015 7:18 am

Sforzando doesn't have the convolution and ambient reverb effects found in ARIA. While you can still load and play properly registered Garritan libraries in sforzando, the reverb effects will be missing.

Is ARIA still working as it should? If not:

First, do you get any sort of error messages if you launch ARIA or sforzando in stand alone mode?

If you get the messages in stand alone mode then try reinstalling:

You could try running the installers for the latest ARIA Player first (1.620). Then run the installer for sforzando second (which should update the ARIA engine to 1.841). You can simply reinstall over your existing installations...or if you prefer, remove them first and then reinstall.

You shouldn't need to reinstall the Garritan libraries unless all other attempts to correct the problem are futile.

Installing sforanzdo does update the ARIA engine, but it should work fine with the latest ARIA Player.

Long ago I had a similar problem in Cubase after an Aria Engine update, so if a simple reinstallation doesn't fix things for you. Here's what worked for me.

After making sure I have the latest version of ARIA Player (1.620),
and the latest ARIA Engine (1.841):

After double checking that I have the latest and correct dll (32bit or 64bit) file in the proper VST folders that my DAW loads them from....

I'd try this inside Cubase:
1. Save a backup copy of your Cubase Project.

2. If possible, once inside the problem Cubase project, Save your ARIA ensemble for each Instance of Aria you might have open in Cubase so you don't have to rebuild it all over again from scratch. Give them names you can remember easily.

If for some reason Cubase crashes, or doesn't even allow you to load the project, you'll want to disable the ARIA plugin temporarily (move the ARIA dll files out of the VST folder and restart CuBase) so we can get the project open in Cubase and temporarily assign ARIA tracks elsewhere (the goal is to clean out old ARIA instances, and rebuild fresh ones).

3. While keeping all of your actual track data, close all of your ARIA and sforzando instances in the Cubase Project.

4. Save your Cubase Project and exit out of Cubase. I rebooted my system for good measure.

5. Reload Cubase and the more recent version of your Project (the one that no longer calls up Aria or sforzando instances).

6. Start a new ARIA instance, and if there are no error messages, load up a patch or two and try it. If things are still working at this point, reload your ensemble profile that you saved earlier.

Did this fix your issue? If so, save your corrected project and you should be good to go.

If not, did any kind of error messages pop up in a different time or place than before?

In my case, something had gotten corrupted in the way Cubase asked for Aria to load things with the Project. I have no clue why, or if it was ARIA or Cubase to blame, but clearing out the old ARIA instances from problem projects and building fresh ones as described above fixed it.

It's been over a year now, and I've not had any issues like this since with newer projects. Occasionally I'll open a really old project that requires the steps above to resolve the issue.
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