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Garritan Organ setup for Tocatta and Fugue

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Garritan Organ setup for Tocatta and Fugue

Postby Secrets » Fri Mar 06, 2015 4:42 pm

What is the setup for recreating the sound of Tocatta and Fugue music file on your samples page?
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Re: Garritan Organ setup for Tocatta and Fugue

Postby Credo » Sat Mar 07, 2015 8:23 am

That's a very vague question.

Tocatta and Fugue arrangements have been created and translated or transposed for almost any combination of instruments imaginable. If you're shooting for 'authentic' then a good Pipe Organ sound is likely to be your target.

Also, it's pretty important to consider if you're wanting to perform live, or simply want to have a sequencer or DAW do the performing.

What Sample Libraries do you have available? Several different Garritan libraries have some kind of church or pipe organ patches included.

The most complete Garritan acoustic/pipe organ library is of course the Classic Pipe Organs Collection. In that set you get samples from something like 6 Organs around the world organized as ranks or mixtures that are ready to load into ARIA...ranging from smaller Renaissance model organs, onto more modern and powerful Organs (many more ranks and mixtures). You can go for an 'authentic period' style with Baroque era ranks and tunings, or be creative and mix and match instruments and tunings across the ages all you like.

If you have a more complex organ library, such as the Garritan Classic Pipe Organs....there are quite a number of ways to approach setting up your rank combinations and mixtures. In this case, I HIGHLY recommend that you read the entire Manual that came with the library to get an overview of how organ sounds are generally organized. You might also want to LISTEN (or even watch videos) of master organists to get an idea of how they interpret the toccata and fugue forms, choose stops/mixtures, and perform it all.

Just one possible approach of many:
Typically Organs have 2 to 5 manuals (keyboards) to work with, and ranks or mixtures of ranks can be assigned to a manual. In the case of sequencing on a computer through ARIA....just pretend you have an unlimited number of manuals to work with. Set up all your different mixtures on a track/staff of its own.

Treat each sequencer track (or score staff) as if it is a manual. Give each track/manual its own separate Aria Instance, and set up your mixtures and combinations per manual/track with the rank(s) you want active...all set to OM (or the same channel as your track).

This is but one approach out of many that can get the job done.
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Re: Garritan Organ setup for Tocatta and Fugue

Postby SysExJohn » Sun Mar 08, 2015 5:18 am

I think the original poster is referring to the mp3 that's used for the promotion of the Garritan Classic Pipe Organ sample set here:, and maybe which specific pipe sets from the range.

I suspect only the person who created the piece may have that information, and that's likely to be one of the more professional 'contributors'.

But you could ask the question by raising a support query.
I very much doubt whether anybody who inhabits this forum has the answer.

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