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CFX Concert won't install to Harddrive other than system dry

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CFX Concert won't install to Harddrive other than system dry

Postby echo44 » Sat Dec 06, 2014 3:44 pm

I just Bought CFX concert grand, Ran the installer
I have several hard drives and they all show up. however, if I select any drive other than the system drive it will not let me. " gratis CFX Grand can't be installed on this disk. You can only install this software on the disk that is running os x" ? I want to install th library on a different disk as it is very big.
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Re: CFX Concert won't install to Harddrive other than system

Postby Credo » Wed Jan 14, 2015 8:08 pm

I am on Windows rather than Mac; however, I'm pretty sure OS X allows you to use an alias, symbolic link, or directory junction on the main system drive to point to other drives. Your software will be totally convinced it's running from the system drive......

Try a google search for 'how to make a symbolic link on OS X'.

Here's an article I found that seems like a good ice breaker on the topic. ... -on-a-mac/

On my Windows rig I usually take this approach:

1. First I just go ahead and install it to the main system drive (unless I just don't have enough space for it to install at all).

2. Next I use something like xcopy or robocopy to copy everything to the new hard drive, making sure that all the directory and file permissions are retained.

3. Next I rename the valid directories on the system drive to something slightly different such as "Garritan.BAK".

4. Next I make my link or junction. On windows it'd be something like:
mklink "C:\Program Files\Garritan" "G:\Program Files\Garritan" /j

5. I test it all to make sure it works......once I'm satisified it's working and I didn't miss anything I delete the backup directories that I'd renamed earlier.

If you simply don't have enough space AT ALL to install something on the system drive, then you might want to make your link(s) first to an empty directory on the target drive. Just be sure that the directory permissions are set up properly on your link and target directories or things might not work.

Good luck...
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Re: CFX Concert won't install to Harddrive other than system

Postby plgDavid » Mon Jan 19, 2015 8:32 am


The main program files need to be on the system drive, however the sample content can of course be placed on another partition (you get asked for a different path specifically for the samples in both the Windows and OS X Installers)
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