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Authorization doesn't last

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Authorization doesn't last

Postby insch02 » Sat Jul 05, 2014 9:49 am

I had a hard drive upgrade done on my Mac Book Pro and had some issues with the migration of my user folder. In the process Aria Player became deactivated. I have the authorisation cards - for Personal Orchestra and Concert and Marching Band and they both seem to work when I drag them to the standalone or plug-in version of Aria player (have also tried Import which works). It says it is authorised. But it doesn't last - it keeps asking me again every time I open it - standalone or plug-in. I have an important studio session on Tuesday and need to get this fixed asap. I can't run with a demo version. I have been using the Aria player on this laptop and my Mac Pro successfully for some time. This is a new issue.

Can anyone help? Is there another way?
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