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Installing GPO4

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Installing GPO4

Postby tedvanya » Thu May 29, 2014 6:46 pm

I have GPO 4 on my laptop, I carry this with me to Mexico for the winter. As I got home in May, I installed Windows 7/64 (it was W XP) on my desktop which I use at home. Foolishly I thought it will be easy to install GPO4 and Aria . To maintain a clear computer, I have NO INTERNET on this desktop, so I copied my downloads of GPO4 and Aria and Sforzando into a removable drive and when I open the drive in the desktop, GPO4 does not show up, neither does the PNG Image.
How to proceed? Can I, should I download them into my removable drive? Will this work?


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Re: Installing GPO4

Postby Michael.B » Fri May 30, 2014 1:44 am

Hello Ted,

You haven't been foolish at all in thinking that it's easy installing GPO4 and Aria. I have considerable experience building and repairing computers for family and friends. I completely rebuilt my own computer a few weeks back with a full reinstall and GPO4 installs fine.

The short answer is Yes, you can redownload GPO4 and the Aria Player updates to a removeable drive; more about this in a moment.

My first thought though concerns your files not showing in your drive when connected to your new Windows 7 install. Do you have access to another computer to connect your drive to check that your files really are not on that drive? If the files do show up on your removeable drive when connected to another computer then you need to persevere and resolve why this isn't happening with your new install. Often this is resolved just by rebooting your laptop a few times. Also try rebooting with your removeable drive connected. Another thought is do you need to install drivers for your removeable drive? With windows 7 this usually isn't necessary but it happens!

If you have been able to confirm that the files really are not on that drive then go ahead and redownload your GPO4 and Aria updates to your removeable drive. When you have your new download, I would suggest unpacking/unzipping GPO4 directly onto your laptop desktop and install it from there. I have known several occasions when trying to install from another drive when GPO4 reports missing files and fails to install. After install you can then delete the install folder from your laptop desktop. I'm sure some people have managed to install from an external drive but I'm just sharing my own experiences.

I hope this helps and that you will soon be back to full musical production there. :)

Good luck.

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