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Nothing But Problems With Finale Since Installing GPO

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Nothing But Problems With Finale Since Installing GPO

Postby Ernest Buckley » Tue Jan 14, 2014 4:13 pm

Hello Folks,

I purchased GPO around New Years and have yet to get it to work in Digital Performer. And now Finale is not playing back any sounds… very frustrating. Any suggestions?

I`m considering re-installing GPO and Finale…

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Ernest Buckley
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Re: Nothing But Problems With Finale Since Installing GPO

Postby Michael.B » Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:58 am

Hello Ernest,

I'm sorry to read of the problems you're having there. I can really understand your frustration and will do what I can to help. First, a little reassurance, GPO and Finale do work beautifully together I promise. I realise that this doesn't do anything to solve your immediate problem other than just to reassure. We just need to find that elusive ingredient in your setup to make them connect. It's the same with digital Performer. I think that when we discover what the problem is in Finale, it might be the same thing in DP.

I recall that you are on a Mac and that you have Finale 2014 is this correct? I use Windows with Finale 2014 so I may not be able to give specifics but I'll do what I can.

For now, would you just try the following checks.

1. Open the Standalone Aria Player. For the Standalone Aria in Windows we go to: 'Start/All Programs/Garritan Aria Player'. I don't know the path for the Mac but I would think there would be something similar.

2. In the Standalone Aria, load a few GPO instruments then try playing them on the virtual keyboard in Aria.

Are the instruments sounding?

If you are having playback in the Standalone Aria then please go on to (3.) below. If there are no sounds at all then no need to go on and we need to resolve this first.

3. Assuming that GPO is working and sounding in your Standalone Aria, now open Finale and please use the 'Setup Wizard' to prepare a completely new blank score. We need just a few instruments, say around 5 random instruments just for now.

Please take a look at my 'Michael Memo' 6, see link below, for full information on using the 'Setup Wizard'

Michael Memo 6 ~ Setting up a score in Finale using Garritan libraries

In your new blank score input notes for each stave/instrument then playback the score. Are you having sounds now?

Please come back and let us know how things went with the steps above and we'll take it from there.
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Re: Nothing But Problems With Finale Since Installing GPO

Postby Isaac S » Tue Jan 21, 2014 9:33 am

Hey Ernest,

Your installation of GPO4 probably rolled back the ARIA Engine to a version that won't play nice with Finale 2014 (you will see the ARIA Engine version if you open the ARIA Player, and then click Settings). I would recommend that you download and install the latest version of the ARIA Player (1.620). You can find it here
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