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Controlling Aria Player with MIDI?

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Re: Controlling Aria Player with MIDI?

Postby Nobax » Fri Jan 03, 2014 6:44 pm

Best wishes for 2014 and a 'newbie' query...

I wish to 'play' Garritan (should I decide to buy) in much the same way as Heath. In the past, I have used my Roland Atelier console organ with jOrgan (running on a touchscreen) controlling a Roland Fantom XR . This enabled me to change patches and performance (groups of patches associated.)
Since, I have used the Miditzer on a touchscreen with the organ.

My goal is to use this equipment to play the Instant Orchestra!

After reading your thread several times, it seems so close yet so far!

Forgive typos, using a not-so-smartphone.
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