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GPO5/Finale14.5 don't integrate

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GPO5/Finale14.5 don't integrate

Postby Ernie Tamminga » Sat Mar 12, 2016 1:17 pm

**IGNORE THIS POST** -- GPO5 IS now showing up in Finale...

I've followed all the instructions for integrating GPO5 into Finale, but when I get to these last steps...
Press the WINDOWS key + R again.
Type "C:\Program Files (x86)\Finale 2014.5\Data" and click OK.
On 32-bit Windows, type "C:\Program Files\Finale 2014.5\Data".
Drag GPO5.soundmap from the desktop into the Data folder.
Relaunch Finale.
Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 is now available in the Device column of the Score Manager, as well the Sound Map Priority dialog box.
--------- turns out not to be true. I performed all the steps, but GPO5 is NOT available in the Sound Map Priority dialog box. (The only thing in that box is SmartMusic SoftSynth)

Is there a supplement or update somewhere to the integration instructions that are posted here? (below): ... lMbQ%3D%3D
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