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JABB3 Experience

Postby jabberwocky » Tue Feb 16, 2016 7:30 pm

I wanted to briefly share my first experience with JABB3. First off: I'm an amateur who likes to play with DAWs to explore music. Lately I've been on a big band kick and I wanted to understand how all the voices of a big band work together. So I bought a jazz ensemble score for a medley of music from Pixar's The Incredibles (which has a great big band soundtrack) and spent the weekend transcribing it to Logic Pro 9 (yes, I'm behind the times...) using only JABB3 instruments.

I didn't put a lot of effort into "humanizing" the performance so it sounds a little MIDI-ish but generally, I'm pleased with the result. Here's the first of the three tunes in the medley: The Glory Days:

I wanted to jot down a few of my observations about JABB3 that may be useful for others.

o I found that the brass voices sounded artificial and "phasey" when playing the same note until I did a few things. For all the voices I disabled the "ambience" and "stereo staging" effects in the Aria Player. For the brass I also detuned each voice using the random tuning control CC#22. This was most effective for the trumpets. I chose values between 0 and 20 for each of the four trumpets, four saxes and four trumpets.

o With ambience and stereo staging disabled the instruments sound like they are "close" mic'd. But this allowed me to control the mic distance in Logic using an appropriate reverb wet/dry mix so it wasn't a problem.

o While the short trumpet fall-off effect is great, it would have been nice if Garritan also supported a long fall-off. I also had an issue with CC#15 (release effect control) not always working but I worked around it by toggling it on and off and back on before I needed it.

o Trombone fall-off/glissando sounds "synthy" and artificial via the recommended mod wheel control. It may sound OK for small note bends but it's unusable for glissando. Is there any way to do trombone slides?

o I should have spent a bit more time "humanizing" the instrument performances (adding random variations in note volume, duration and placement) but I wanted to finish things quickly. I paid more attention to this in the final quarter of the performance and it sounds better for it.

All in all, I like JABB3. With just a few simple adjustments I think it sounds pretty good!
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Re: JABB3 Experience

Postby Galandar » Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:17 am

Just ran across your post. I have posted a question in another location in this forum regarding the maracas from JABB3. I am using Sonar Platinum and was redoing some old songs I had done in an earlier 32-bit version of Sonar using Garritan instruments. One of the songs had maracas so I tried using the ones from JABB3. I can't seem to get any sound out of them. The cabasas worked okay, but not the maracas. Have you done anything with them?
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