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GPO4, Aria Multi and Sibelius 7.5

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GPO4, Aria Multi and Sibelius 7.5

Postby GPO4User » Sat Dec 20, 2014 6:23 am

Hi all together.
Being an absolute beginner in this forum, might I please introduce myself shortly:
Composer and musicologist, using Sibelius 7.5 with full Sound library, added GPO4 because the orchestral percussion is way more crisper than in Sibelius.
Hardware: PB Windows 7 hope premium SP1 64bit, 16 GB RAM, c:\ is an SSD of 500 GB, Sound Card: SoundBlaster Audigy 5. Using ASIO Drivers by Creative.
In a huge orchestral score one of the instruments is a vibraphone. I wish to control "sustain", that is, pedal. Then: Motor on / off, and controlled motor speeds.
However, Sibelius seems to allow one command at a time only for Instrument MIDI controllers. So I can set "pedal", and then "motor on". But I cannot give a command like "motor on fast", because in the latter case 2 controllers shoud be active at the same instant. (See attached picture)
Further, it seems that even the "pedal" command does not affect the vibraphones Sound.
(When I use the same Instrument on the standalone, this is far different, I get different Speeds in the vibrato, I can have almost staccatissimo notes when pedal is off... Naturally, I checked that no reverb is applied within Sibelius for that Instrument.)
Any suggestions how to do those things, please?
Another item is, that when using the "Basic Orchestral Percussion", I have at my choice for example several cymbals, 2 different bass drums, and so on, but in Sibelius I am using in that score different systems (each with 1 line: one for cymbals, one for bass drum, one for snare...), but with that configuration I only get one note per System, and no changes.
How can I manage that, please?
I'd be glad to be updated in this issue, as I had purchased GPO4 especially for the crispness of the Sound of "Basic Orchestral Percussion".
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Screenshot of Sibelius' Player dictionary.
Sib.Wiedergabe.Vibraphone.jpg (542.95 KB) Viewed 2986 times
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Re: GPO4, Aria Multi and Sibelius 7.5

Postby Derrek » Sat Dec 20, 2014 10:22 am

I do not use Sibelius, so take my advice as speculation as I am trying to think how I might do this in Finale or Sonar. First, you probably already know that a DAW would make this easier, but in both cases the question is whether SIbelius would allow you to set two (or more) staves/tracks to the same MIDI channel.

In the case of the Vibes, I would try to use a second staff to send fan info w/ appropriate key switches and controller codes.

For the percussion, can you set all of the single-line percussion parts to the same MIDI channel yet have each generate (through a percussion map, does Sibelius have something like that?) a separate pitch?

I am hoping a Sibelius pro can follow up with more specific and thus helpful info for you.
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Re: GPO4, Aria Multi and Sibelius 7.5

Postby GPO4User » Sat Dec 20, 2014 11:26 am

Thanks for your reply and effort, Derrek.
I had purchased the full version of Sib 7.5, so I wish to stick with that application allowing me so many nuances AND clear notation.
Concerning the vibes, there should be a way to control the instrument by the "playback directory", but I will have to find out in which succession all the singular commands have to be placed in the score.
Concerning the percussion, I could try out to "create new instruments", which contain in groups all those which are in the GPO sound set "Basic Orchestral Percussion", that should be 3 systems at 5 lines, then copy and paste the single line tracks into the corresponding 5-line system. I shall publish the result here as a help for others.
I shall also try and fouind out if Sib has a "percussion map", as I know it from "Sonar" (Cakewalk, they call it "drum map").
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Re: GPO4, Aria Multi and Sibelius 7.5

Postby GPO4User » Thu Dec 25, 2014 12:35 am

Merry Christmas, my friends!
Finally I solved the Vibraphone isse, but - sorry at that - not with GPO4, but with Pianoteq. See the full description at the Sibelius help forum: ... groupid=3&
As for the other issues, I am still at work ;-)
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