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How to assign midi channels

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How to assign midi channels

Postby tuato » Sat May 03, 2014 12:44 pm

Hi everyone, i'm trying to use GPO with cubase 5, but i don't know how to assign midi channels to the GPO instruments. I create a instrumental track with GPO on it, after that i create several midi tracks, and i need to to assign the different instruments of GPO to each midi track.

Anyone here could help me? Thanks.
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Re: How to assign midi channels

Postby rbowser » Sat May 03, 2014 7:53 pm

I don't use Cubase, but the theory is the same in all recording programs.

You set up MIDI tracks, and there are controls on each track to direct it to whatever soft synth you want, ARIA in the case of Garritan Libraries. Each track also needs to be set to a different MIDI channel.

In ARIA, the 16 instrument slots default to each one being assigned to a different MIDI channel, 1-16, but those can be changed however you want.

You can also direct the audio signal coming out of ARIA to any of the 16 stereo pairs out. All slots default to the first stereo pair, 1/2, but by clicking that, you can choose any of the other outs, 2/3 through 31/32. If you use those 16 different audio outs, you need to have audio tracks in your project file which are set to take the signal from the ARIA audio outs you've chosen.

The simplest set up is to use all 16 MIDI channels and just one stereo out, 1/2, which goes to the one audio track in your project.

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