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Assigning Keyswitches

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Assigning Keyswitches

Postby MusicalHart24 » Wed Apr 23, 2014 7:51 pm

I had recently contacted Garritan's support team about being able to reassign keyswitches. In their response, they explained that I cannot move the keyswitches down an octave on the keyboard. However, I also asked if it was possible to assign the keyswitches to, say a 25-key keyboard, and the other keys to my 61-key keyboard. Basically, I'm trying to split an instrument between 2 midi controllers. Is this possible? I'd like to be able to play instruments on my primary keyboard, but also be able to control keyswitches with a separate keyboard. If it is possible to do this, will the keyswitches still be assigned to my primary keyboard, even though I have them assigned to a separate keyboard?
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Re: Assigning Keyswitches

Postby SysExJohn » Thu Apr 24, 2014 3:36 am

Hi MusicalHart,

It's not completely true that keyswitches cannot be re-assigned.
It's just not easy to do without some reprogramming of the Key Switch sfz files.
It can only be done if you understand the computer language (sfz format) which defines how the samples are played. If you do, then you have to edit every instance of a keyswitch within each KS file (within woodwinds, brass, strings, etc.) to move them to the relevant octave. :ugeek:
In other words you need the knowledge and some time to do it.

But the actual code modification is quite trivial, e.g. changing a 24 to a 12 (subtract an octave) or a 36 to a 24, etc., in the correct places. It would also depend how low the 25 keyboard could go. The way to test this is to see if you can keyswitch the double bass KS, which uses MIDI note 12 for sustain, 13 for sustain mute and so on. Note 12 is about half an octave lower than a standard 88 key piano which starts at MIDI note 20, as I recall.

If you can have both your keyboards assigned to the same MIDI channel, and I'm assuming you can easily switch the octave they operate in then, in theory at least, the 25 key could operate the keyswitches, the 61 the playable notes. However, if the ranges overlap then the 61 may also key switch and the 25 note play notes.
You have to think that the piccolo KS range is middle C up (MIDI note 60) at the top end, and the double bass KS is MIDI note 12 at the bottom end, below the lowest note of a standard piano.

If you'd like to know how to do the sfz modifications I can tell you, but I suggest we take it away from the forum and exchange emails about it. I'm not sure MakeMusic would like details of modifying their code publicised widely! ;)

I must admit I've often thought of moving all the keyswitches, apart from double bass, to the same area of the keyboard (up from MIDI note 24), and reprogramming the double bass to the top end of the keyboard (up from MIDI note 84).

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Re: Assigning Keyswitches

Postby anp27 » Thu May 22, 2014 8:27 pm

What you need is this:

You can reassign anything to how you want the keyswitches to be mapped, and so much more. Here is a screenshot of how I'm using it with GPO4's Full Strings patch. I actually draw the articulations in as automation.

The ToolKit Pro is very user friendly and easy to figure out. Only thing is, this only works on Logic X.

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