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Re: Convolution ~ Garritan In A DAW ~ Altiverb or Vienna MIR

Postby Max Hamburg » Thu May 15, 2014 12:02 pm

A possible valuable alternative from Vienna is the Vienna Suite (with also a lot of IR's and known spaces). It's a lot cheaper and gives better results than MIR (I have them both). MIR doesn't always perform as expected, mainly in the third orchestral row - there, everything sounds a bit blurred). In Vienna Suite, you have too design your depth with the help of the power pan, equaliser (brightness), and convolution (more or less dry, more or less wet), the early reflections and the density of the reverb. That sounds quite complicated, but in fact it isn't. Only the equalising is difficult and tricky.

As I've understood, there's a new version of Altiverb out, but I don't know anything about that program. Does the new version provide more rooms, possibilities???

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