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Creating Our Own Ensembles GPO4

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Re: Creating Our Own Ensembles GPO4

Postby Michael.B » Fri Jan 31, 2014 12:30 pm

rbowser wrote: ..... What you've been "beset" with--hehe--all this time is of course the full orchestra sound that people often need.

Hello Randy,

..... lol :D

I should have put an emoticon in there as I was just 'tongue-in-cheek' really. I have, of course used the full section strings for my larger scores and they were fine. From your reply and from knowing me all these years I think that you picked up I was 'tongue-in-cheek and I'm glad about that. ;)

rbowser wrote: ..... The "ensemble building" tests and results I posted earlier were about trying an alternative to that modern full orchestra string section sound, not small Baroque groups.

You're certainly right that group patches with a soloist wouldn't be at all what you want, because even though that soloist is in there giving more detail to the sound, it's still the "fuzzy," blended, warm sound of an orchestra, not of a small group with it's "crisp" sound like you're talking about.

GPO isn't equipped to satisfactorily do what you want, because of the heavy vibrato in the solo strings (instantly "anti-crisp"--!) as well as the simplicity of the samples. There's a bit of an attack to the notes, then the loop point starts really soon after that - and generally, the sooner there's a loop point, the more stripped down and incomplete the sound is. You would need to use more complex Garritan Stradivari-type soloists to accomplish what you're going for.

But, your experiment is as close as you'll get with GPO, and it's more Baroque in style than any set ups using the lush group patches - for sure, even with all that vibrato.

Why six slots for three solos? You doubled them - I see, and then with enough massaging of the MIDI tracks, you helped avoid the phasing you'd get otherwise.

Looks like you've squeezed the most out of GPO that's possible for this, Michael!


Actually I feel much better having read that. My little experiment provided such a closer sound to the Baroque crispness and clarity, the transparency I've been searching for.

In actual fact, I can even manage the vibrato now. in the Garritan 'Solo Strings', vibrato doesn't have time to kick in on shorter notes so we can have those virtually without vibrato (YAY .. :D ) Also, of course vibrato was used in the Baroque period but only as an ornament on selected longer notes. Soooo .. my little brain started a-whirring and Michael set to work on the score managing very carefully the shorter notes and the longer notes as a way of controlling the vibrato. The result, well, I was greatly encouraged. I'm really close to what I want. :D

Thanks again Randy, you've been a great help.

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Re: Creating Our Own Ensembles GPO4

Postby Michael.B » Fri Jan 31, 2014 12:43 pm

kingfreeze wrote:Regarding vibrato, on one of my studio accompanist garritan sweetner tracks, I encountered this issue. The track had solo violin banks and flutes playing whole notes, it sounded awful, the good news was all I did was got rid of the flute vib bank and replaced it with a non vib flute bank and voila! An acceptable track. I did try to find non vib violins, and well, there are none.

Hello Steve,

Yes, unfortunately, as you say, there are no GPO4 non-vib solo violins. As I mentioned in another post, I wish Gary had sampled those solo instruments without vibrato. We can easily add vibrato to non-vibrato instuments ourselves but we can't remove it from samples.

However, I do have some kind of solution forming now which I outlined in another post here and thing are sounding promising so .. on with the show! :D
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Re: Creating Our Own Ensembles GPO4

Postby MusicalHart24 » Wed Apr 23, 2014 7:59 pm

When making my own sections using string player instruments, for instance a 16-piece violin I section, I do not have phasing issues. However, when I set Var 1 & Var 2 knobs to different values for each instrument (I've tried really low settings and high settings and a combination of both), I get really bad phasing. I've seen how others do it. I've even mocked exactly what they did, but still get heavy phasing. I just end up leaving all Var knobs on value=0. What am I doing wrong? How do I set different Var values for different instruments (all being, say, violins) without getting phase issues?
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