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Community Christmas 2014 (Volume 11)

Re: Community Christmas 2014 (Volume 11)

Postby KMFrye » Wed Apr 02, 2014 8:40 pm

My wife and & are outta here for the next couple of weeks, headed for the Big island and a few other places. I will go ahead with working on my entry around Easter Weekend.

Hope we hear some good news from Gary!

Later, folks!!
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Re: Community Christmas 2014 (Volume 11)

Postby Michael.B » Thu Apr 03, 2014 1:38 am

Gary Garritan wrote:Hi Guys

Let's definitely keep the tradition going!

It would be a good idea to keep the next album managed in this new forum.

Looking forward to the new songs. Let the tradition live on!


Hello Gary,

It's really good to see you once more in our forums. We'd love to see more of you. ;)

Also, it's wonderful to read once again that you want to keep our Christmas CD tradition going. That's fantastic.

As you know I have started an 'unofficial' thread with information, entry requirements and a list of entries for folk to mominate their songs so we can start work on them. Here's a link to that list.

My 'Unofficial' Christmas CD Volume 11 (2014) List

Will you be making another announcement and be starting an 'official' list of entries or shall my list become the 'official' one?

Many thanks Gary and here's looking forward to another of your fabulous Christmas CDs. :D
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