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Change in Forum Location

Postby Adam W. » Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:58 am

These forums were originally created to provide a way for our passionate Garritan users to share ideas, provide valuable input, and find answers from our community. A number of other great public forums for discussion about our products and best practices have become available since this platform first began. These include Facebook, Northern Sounds , Twitter, Yahoo and various other forums and blogs. Also, as many of you know, the release of our new Help Center over the summer provides another avenue for discussion and input.

In an effort to provide a centralized, accessible, and most of all, helpful community for all of our customers, we are focusing our resources on the new forums in our Help Center Community. As of January 1st, 2017, we will only monitor and support these new forums. At that time these existing forums will be locked.

We want this large body of valuable information to remain available, so while these forums will be locked at the end of the year, they will be archived so that they can still be accessed by those looking for any of the helpful historical information located here.

We want to thank you for the value you’ve already provided to MakeMusic and its customers in these forums, and we look forward to seeing you in our new Help Center Community!


Adam Wig
Director, Customer Success

Fred Flowerday,
Senior Vice President, Product Strategy
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Adam W.
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Re: Change in Forum Location

Postby greyfox73 » Thu Dec 01, 2016 5:57 pm

Hey Adam,

Appreciate you giving us the "heads up." Just a note for you. Northern Sounds has been around since around 2004 or so (been a while...can't remember the exact date the site was started). It was the original site for Gary Garritan's libraries. Just thought you should know.

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Re: Change in Forum Location

Postby SysExJohn » Fri Dec 02, 2016 5:37 am

Adam thanks for letting us know.

I believe that your company is making a grave mistake.
The new fora clearly don't work as you'll see if you look.
Nobody, including me, feel that they provide what the old forum does.
Nobody, including me, contributes.

Please reconsider the closing of this and the Finale forum which is SO active and helpful.

Kind regards,
John Garside.
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Re: Change in Forum Location

Postby KMFrye » Fri Dec 02, 2016 2:05 pm

(Also sent as a PM reply to the original posters)

Add my name to the list of users who seriously oppose this move and who are baffled that a company seeking to hold on to existing customers while still attracting new ones would take such a step.

The existing forum is a long-standing collaboration of serious users, many of whom have used the product throughout its evolution and have knowledge that can only be acquired through years of hands-on troubleshooting and outright experimentation. I daresay that many of the regular contributors have been working with Finale longer than many current company employees!

That these "power users" are willing to share their accumulated experience with lesser souls such as myself is simply a wonderful resource, and one which costs the company very little in the overall scheme of things, while the goodwill it generates toward the product cannot be measured.

Facebook, for all of its presumed good points, primarily it's huge subscription base, is a community with a different purpose. It is a place to socialize, not to learn, and its lack of ability to host documents which users post in order to demonstrate both issues and solutions is a serious hurdle to cooperative problem-solving. Simply put, it is unsuited to the kind of collaborative effort exemplified by the MM Forum. By reputation alone, it will not attract serious users with issues requiring quick and honest responses.

Finally, if this course must be followed, you simply must rework this forum into something where users can continue to operate in the open, collaborative nature to which we are accustomed. As it stands today, forums.makemusic is very limiting when compared with the MM Forum, and that does discourage users from taking part. When we need assistance, whether it be something arcane or serious, many of us are working to deadlines, so rapid solutions are paramount. My last opened help ticket with Support was solved by the MM Forum in under three hours, while the trouble ticket itself took a full week to reach a conclusion - one that I emailed in to to your Support desk from the infomation in the Forum.

If the end goal of this move is better service, serious improvements are needed.

Please re-consider this move. As previously noted, the ultimate cost may be far more than the money saved.
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Re: Change in Forum Location

Postby Derrek » Sun Dec 11, 2016 11:13 am

No great loss closing this forum since it has effectively been moribund since experienced users tried it and gave up in favor of the Northern Sounds forum when they discovered it was poorly monitored and (perhaps therefore) infrequently used by experienced Garritan clients.

Unlike the Finale Forum, closing this one is more like putting a dying patient out of its misery than cutting off a vibrant entity. The sad part is that MakeMusic is switching to such a poorly designed replacement as Zendesk represents.
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