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GPO5 and Sibelius 8

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GPO5 and Sibelius 8

Postby alcione » Mon Jul 18, 2016 3:07 pm

Hi does anyone is or has been using GPO5 with Sibelius 8? How does it work?
Any troubles? How did you solve the lack of the Avid's "sound set " for this Sibelius version?
Please let me know
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Re: GPO5 and Sibelius 8

Postby Credo » Mon Jul 18, 2016 7:01 pm

I've yet to really dive in to GPO5, but here are some thoughts and theories on the topic.

In the short term simply install and try using the sound set for GPO4. I 'think' GPO5 comes with enough backwards compatibility for GPO4 that it should get you started. I can't test this theory seeing as I also have GPO4 installed here (and know it works in my case), but I'm thinking it might well work with a fresh install of GPO5 only. If not, I'd bet that the GPO4 sound set would not require much editing to get it working (probably something as simple as a batch find and search to replace GPO4 with GPO5, or something similar).

When it comes to making use of the new GPO5 additions (the main differences between GPO4 and 5 is in 'more' string family options/articulations), you can start right away by manually setting up an ARIA instance with the sound set "none". Just use the non-key switched versions of the instruments (load them directly into an ARIA instance), with individual articulations on a channel of their own and give them an appropriate soundworld id. You'd use the "Manual Sound Sets" tab to assign a soundworld id to each channel.

I.E. Instead of choosing n-01 Violins 1 KS, which includes all of the articulations in a single'd load each articulation that you wish to use separately on a channel of its own.


My example above is not a really practical one since it's just using sounds that the GPO4 sound set will hopefully already provide. I just threw it together really quick to give some idea of how one can manually set up instruments without getting into the 'sound set' xml editor. In this case I've simply shown how to map out the First Violins across multiple channels of a single instrument.

Of course once you've taken all the time to make an ensemble set up, Sibelius will save it for you so it's not necessary to keep rebuilding it over and over. It's also nice to know Sibelius also parks some fbx files that remember how VST plugins are set up deep in your "%USERPROFILE/AppData/Roaming/Avid/Sibelius" directory (on Windows systems, not sure where they get parked on a Mac). For the most part Sibelius will manage saving and loading your Playback configurations for you, but it's nice to know where the FBX files live in case you ever need them for some reason.

Note that with Garritan libraries it is very important if you're using manually set up instances to make sure "Convert Live Playback velocities to dynamics on sustaining instruments' is checked in the Sibelius Playback Preferences (File/Preferences/Playback). Garritan Libraries don't offer much dynamics without judicious use of CC1 events.

Sibelius 8.4.1 Manual wrote:Convert Live Playback velocities to dynamics on sustaining instruments means that Live Playback velocities are converted to dynamics rather than to attack for sustaining instruments that use the modulation wheel for volume (e.g. in Garritan Personal Orchestra).

Yes, you can mix and match ARIA instances that use the old GPO4 sound set with instances that you manually set up. Just be sure to set your priority list ("Preferred Instruments" tab) as to which plugins get priority (or optionally set instruments manually in the mixer).

If you like, you can start making your own soundworld xml maps (or adding onto the existing GPO4 sets as needed). You can get that utility from here:
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