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MakeMusic joins Peaksware

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MakeMusic joins Peaksware

Postby Fred @ MakeMusic » Wed Aug 06, 2014 11:19 am

Today MakeMusic announced that it will join Peaksware, the umbrella company owned by LaunchEquity Partners, the investment company that took MakeMusic private in 2013. You can learn more about Peaksware and view the press release at

Peaksware is also the home of TrainingPeaks, a complete web, mobile and desktop solution for enabling smart and effective endurance training. What do they have in common with MakeMusic? It’s a company run by people who are passionate users of their products, just as MakeMusic employees are passionate users of Finale, SmartMusic, Garritan and MusicXML. What’s more, like MakeMusic, TrainingPeaks is committed to providing software solutions that empower people to do the things they love – really well – at the very highest level.

This announcement today comes with the additional reassurance that Garritan products will continue to be sold through MakeMusic and it’s current reseller partners. Additionally, this announcement does not affect any product development currently underway. Gary Garritan continues to lead the Garritan development team to innovate and produce high-quality virtual instrument software. In other words, it’s business as usual on the Garritan front.

We’re excited to have been given the opportunity to expand our resources. If you have additional questions about the press release, let us know.


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Fred @ MakeMusic
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Re: MakeMusic joins Peaksware

Postby Michael.B » Sun Aug 10, 2014 12:44 pm

Hello Fred,

Thanks for posting this information and it's always good to see you in the forums.

Even after reading all the info and visiting the threads in the Finale forums; I don't pretend to still fully understand what this all means.

I've read (in the Finale forums) that Make Music will be relocating which will also mean re-hiring staff and taking on new staff. Also I began to start thinking of how this is going to affect Gary and the Garritan products so it's good to read in your post that this is going to be business as usual.

Whatever all this means I wish all the very best for both MakeMusic and Finale and to Gary and hope that your products go onto greater things with some exciting developments. :)

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Re: MakeMusic joins Peaksware

Postby Derrek » Sun Aug 10, 2014 4:15 pm

Michael.B wrote:Even after reading all the info and visiting the threads in the Finale forums; I don't pretend to still fully understand what this all means

I appreciate your saying that. The wild speculation at the Finale Forum has been really disturbing.
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