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3.0 Standard Confusion? Not bidirectional import vs. export

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3.0 Standard Confusion? Not bidirectional import vs. export

Postby arman » Thu Nov 24, 2016 11:58 am


This is my first post here, so bare with me. So today I imported a Beethoven piece I downloaded online into MuseScore 2.0.3 (too large to attach here) that seems to follow the MusicXML 3.0 standard based on this line:

<!DOCTYPE score-partwise PUBLIC '-//Recordare//DTD MusicXML 3.0 Partwise//EN' ''>

When I export this same file I just opened, it also seems to suggest it still follows the MusicXML 3.0 standard based on this line again:

<!DOCTYPE score-partwise PUBLIC "-//Recordare//DTD MusicXML 3.0 Partwise//EN" "">

However the two scores are not identical otherwise. The original one had this line:
<score-partwise version='3.0'>

where as the newly exported one has this line:

More over, the new one has <stem> tags and the old one does not. Why is the imported MusicXML file different from the exported MusicXML file in MuseScore? They both follow the MusicXML 3.0 standard, correct? Is the score-partwise version relevant?

The reason I ask this question is because my research project for school involves careful consideration for how MusicXML is structured. I want to know what tags are really ubiquitous among different programs. Thanks.
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Re: 3.0 Standard Confusion? Not bidirectional import vs. exp

Postby Michael Good » Mon Nov 28, 2016 10:58 am

Most programs will export different MusicXML files than they import. Their internal data structures are different than MusicXML's data structures. If the MusicXML information being read in is something that the reading program does not support, it will be discarded on export. On other hand, the exporting program may be able to add information that the previous program that exported the MusicXML file did not have, such as stem direction and other formatting data.

MusicXML supports the concept of selective encoding, where applications need only write out the musical data that is appropriate to their needs. Most MusicXML data features are optional.

The missing version attribute looks like a MusicXML export bug in MuseScore. Could you please report that to them at the MuseScore site?
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Re: 3.0 Standard Confusion? Not bidirectional import vs. exp

Postby MusoBob » Sat Dec 17, 2016 3:09 am

The biggest problem I'm finding with MusicXML Tablature is there doesn't seem to be a Standard that imports exports the same from app to app like midi.
They will open Guitar Pro xml with all the articulations but then save it as piano music xml that shows nothing when imported back to Guitar Pro.
There really needs to be a Standard.

I'm looking for a realtime MusicXML Viewer Editor, just like an html/webpage split view, as the the browser you are viewing in now can ??????

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