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Question for 2003 Finale - Time Sigs

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Question for 2003 Finale - Time Sigs

Postby cg_lem » Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:21 am

Yes, I have an "ancient" copy of Finale-- hopefully will finally get this upgraded soon. . . .

I have a question I hope can be quickly answered.

In writing a piece down, which is primarily in Common Time, there are two odd measures that are in 5/4. How do I notate this? I have clicked on the time signature icon, followed what was there, and have followed what is prescribed in the user manual-- and it looks like I'm doing everything correctly. I click on the time signature icon, highlight the measure that needs to be changed, do a right click and click on "Edit Time Signature". From here, I click on "Options", then specify "5/4" in the box below, then specify to change only measure number 3. But when I click on "OK", nothing in my music has changed.

What am I missing here?

Thank you in advance for your assistance/input.
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Re: Question for 2003 Finale - Time Sigs

Postby Michael Good » Thu Jun 23, 2016 9:03 am

Please ask Finale questions on one of the Finale boards at
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