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part-group documentation/implementation issues

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part-group documentation/implementation issues

Postby Evan Brooks » Tue Mar 29, 2016 12:23 am

Hi Michael,

The documentation for part-group states that:

"The part-group stop element appears after the last score-part in the group."

It does not say, however, if the stop element is required. The documentation also states that:

"A part-group element is not needed for a single multi-staff part."

What I take all this to mean is that if you have a start element, you should also have a matching stop element. But if you have neither (for a single multi-staff part), that's fine.

If this is the case, the documentation needs to be amended to reflect the requirement that every start element have a matching stop element.

You will note in the attached file, taken from the MuseScore website as one of its examples you can download, they have a single part, with a part-group start element, but no stop element. They appear to be assuming that if one is reading the file, and one hits the end of the part-list, then since there won't be any more part-group elements coming, one should fill in all the missing elements.

So we have 2 issues here:

(1) I really think your intention was to have matching start and stop elements. If so, we need to amend the documentation. If not, the documentation should still be amended to tell us how to handle the case of missing elements. I'll let you decide which is which and post the appropriate issue at W3C.

(2) Someone should let the folks at MuseScore know they have an issue here, if you agree with my assessment.

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