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Barline-related segno, coda or fermata

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Barline-related segno, coda or fermata

Postby Hervé Bitteur » Thu Jan 14, 2016 8:55 am


Could someone clarify the status of segno/coda/fermata?

I noticed they could be barline-related or direction-related. How could an OMR make the decision? The HandJuMa36Excerpt example exhibits a direction-related segno which nevertheless is located just above a barline...

Searching this forum, I found in a 2009 article that "The wavy-line, segno, coda, and fermata element associated with a barline rather than a direction" were to be removed in the context of an open definition of MusicXML.

So should Audiveris export only direction-related segno/coda/fermata?

Thanks for any advice,
Hervé Bitteur
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Re: Barline-related segno, coda or fermata

Postby Michael Good » Thu Jan 14, 2016 12:33 pm

Bonjour Hervé,

Exporting only as directions is probably best for now. I expect that would have the broadest support by importing programs.

Removing the barline-attached versions is something we could discuss in the Music Notation Community Group. It seems like something for after 3.1 though, so I expect both will be around for at least a while longer.
Michael Good
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