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Dolet 6 and its compatibility for Sibelius 8

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Dolet 6 and its compatibility for Sibelius 8

Postby Ofri » Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:39 am


I've recently started working in a music startup company that deals with converting Music XML files to their web-site using a special software that enables the midi recording to be adapted into a visual animated piano of their website.

As a professional musician, part of my job is to transcribe music in the Sibelius music notation software, then export it to XML files, and send it to the website owner, for implementation.

I've heard about the "Dolet 6" plug, and was able to use it successfully for the "Sibelius 7.5" but after purchasing the Sibelius 8, it seems that the Dolet 6 plug doesn't work anymore, and whenever I convert the Sibelius file to XML file and then to another music notation program (such as Finale) it appears with many errors and bugs.

What can I do to solve this problem? Is there any plug that gives a solution for the "Sibelius 8" newest version? If so, can you please guide me what to do and how to install it?
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Re: Dolet 6 and its compatibility for Sibelius 8

Postby Michael Good » Mon Nov 23, 2015 12:19 pm

Have you tried downloading the latest Dolet 6.5 for Sibelius plug-in? That adds support for Sibelius 8 in in the installers, as well as for 64-bit-only Sibelius installations in Windows.

The Dolet for Sibelius plug-in should work just the same on Sibelius 8 as with Sibelius 7.5. If you still see these problems with Dolet 6.5 for Sibelius, please contact our tech support and let them know what the specific problem is. Providing a sample Sibelius file demonstrating the errors would be the fastest way to see what's going on. Or feel free to send me a private message here with a sample file, letting us know if you are seeing the problem on Windows or Mac.

Please also check that you are not comparing Sibelius's built-in MusicXML export with the Dolet for Sibelius MusicXML export. Each one works better in different situations, but the actual MusicXML files produced are very different from one another.
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