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Digital Sheet Music Architecture

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Digital Sheet Music Architecture

Postby netman49 » Wed Jul 22, 2015 5:19 am

I've read several posts about implementing MusicXML in a database (preferable an XML database). I wonder what the status is of those initiatives and whether there is, let’s call it, a “Digital Sheet Music Architecture”.

By that I mean an implementation where the MusicXML files are stored in a central database (cloud based) and composers are able to submit new or update existing MusicXML files via a web-based front end.
Musicians are able to read the MusicXML files via a web-based viewer on whatever device (PC, Mac, tablet).
Other export formats must also be avialable like printing a music sheet in PDF format.

In this context composers export their sheet music from tools like Sibelius, Finale, etc. to MusicXML files which can then be uploaded to the above mentioned database.

Does such an architecture exists somewhere on this globe :-)

If so where and how?
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Re: Digital Sheet Music Architecture

Postby Michael Good » Mon Jul 27, 2015 2:45 pm

A lot of this type of MusicXML work is behind-the-scenes in the back end of different services, and not publicly available. Some do make the MusicXML import directly available to customers, and those are linked on our MusicXML software page. However, I don't know of anyone who has written up details of their service architecture, and how MusicXML files and databases play a role there.
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