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crescendo and diminuendo

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crescendo and diminuendo

Postby James Sutton » Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:34 am

In MusicXML 4.0 could we have a type attribute in the <direction><direction-type><words> element to indicate what sort of words they are?
Normally markings such as cresc. and dim. are represented in <words> elements and as dynamics these need to be aligned with other dynamics instructions, e.g. pp, ff and wedges and to use the same italic typeface (Gould p.105). However there is no way for the program to know (apart from text matching) that these are dynamics and not metrical markings which are separately aligned and use a bold typeface (Gould p.183) as they are represented in an identical manner. For the time being I can use the below-stave positioning to indicate that they should be treated as dynamics, but this is not satisfactory. Also there are various other uses of text such as technical (pizz.,arco etc.), articulation (marcato), instrument (Clarinet), all of which ideally need semantic information so we can know how to render them.

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