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Dolet 6.5 for Finale now available with SMuFL export

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Dolet 6.5 for Finale now available with SMuFL export

Postby Michael Good » Wed Dec 03, 2014 12:43 pm

I am happy to announce that version 6.5 of the Dolet for Finale plug-in is now available. You can download this and our other Dolet plug-ins from:

Performance on Mac is much faster than in earlier versions, and there are fixes for hidden articulations and piano pedal lines. The biggest change is that we now support exporting MusicXML from Finale files created with a default music font conforming to the Standard Music Font Layout (SMuFL).

For more on the Dolet plug-in update, what SMuFL is, and how this all fits with our new CEO's thoughts on MakeMusic's future direction, please see my blog post at:
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Re: Dolet 6.5 for Finale now available with SMuFL export

Postby Matthew.James.Briggs » Thu Dec 04, 2014 2:05 am

Wow, the new CEO's commitment to modernizing Finale's build and quality management is very encouraging. 2014 Mac was a total bomb for me when it came out. I got the feeling that there is a ton of legacy code in there just waiting for someone to make a change and blow the whole works (I had a lot of time to contemplate this with beach ball hangs and crashes).

That we will sit on the current feature set while you guys stabilize the code is very good news!
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