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Clarify Inheritance of MusicXML Properties

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Clarify Inheritance of MusicXML Properties

Postby Evan Brooks » Sat Nov 29, 2014 11:50 am

Hi Michael,

Is it intended that child elements "inherit" the properties of the their parent elements?

For example, if a Note element has a size=large property, do any children of the Note element, such as accidentals, augmentation dots, Notations, etc, "inherit" that property and would be expected to be rendered also in a size=large fashion?

I ask this because, for example, the Accidental element has its own size property. Is the intent of this to:

(a) if present, override whatever size property may be in the parent Note element
(b) further scale the accidental beyond whatever scaling the accidental "inherits" from the Note element

For applications that generate MusicXML, it would be important to understand intent in order to generate the proper output. If the intent is inheritance, and if the engraver wished to create extra-large notes along with extra-large accidentals, dots, etc., the MusicXML would show a size=large on the Note element, and no size parameter on the Accidental and other child elements. Only if the engraver wished to make the accidental even larger than the extra-large size of the note itself, would they add a size=large to the Accidental. The rendering program would follow the same logic, and render a larger-than-normal note, with an even larger accidental. If the Accidental had no size parameter, it would be rendered with the same larger-than-normal scaling that would be applied to the Note.

If, on the other hand, the intent is to fully and separately specify the parameters of each element independent of any other elements or any hierarchical arrangement of elements, then both the Note and Accidental elements would each have a size=large parameter, and the rendering program would understand that the Note's size parameter has no effect at all on the size of and Accidental attached to the note, and would draw both the note and the accidental at the same larger-than-normal scaling.

Could you please clarify the intent and practice here, both from a MusicXML-generating point of view, and from a Music-XML reading/rendering point of view? Many thanks in advance.

Evan Brooks
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