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Who are we? Frankfurt and more

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Who are we? Frankfurt and more

Postby Mogens Lundholm » Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:33 am

Hello All

I have often wondered: Who are you all? (Professionals?)

I am just singing in a little choir. Since I am not good in note reading, I needed some simple program to play a melody with selected voices - simple and easy.
(i.e. only playing the xml file - no installation and free) And did that in form of a Music-XML/Midi-player ( There are no secrets, but I will add some more comments and solve some issues before publishing the code. This work made me interested i Music-Xml.

My concern is an open standard - information available for all. Standard test code. For example I would like to have some song playing exactly one minute. Other tests might be difficult to verify. I would also like to make the program for Mac and Linux, but ...

Frankfurt? I would like to go, but do not know it this is something for me?

PS: Percussion - <unpitched>: Notes for percussion have the command <unpitched>
How to play this when there is no specification of how to do it? There is no <midi-program>. (percussion may be not needed to play voices in the choir, but I would like to have percussion included).

Kind regards Mogens
Mogens Lundholm
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