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Postby Michael Good » Tue May 31, 2011 2:46 pm

Stemlets - stems that extend from beams and stop short of a rest - are becoming more popular in notation of complex rhythms. Gould discusses them on page 165 of her "Behind Bars" book.

In past MusicXML versions, people have thought that stemlets were not supported. However, the presence of a stem element on a rest does indicate a stemlet. To clarify this, the latest build adds the following to the stem documentation: "A stem element associated with a rest refers to a stemlet."

Does this seem sufficient for stemlet support in MusicXML? Is there something more to stemlet support that we're missing?

The one thing I know is missing is the position where the stemlet ends before the rest. The default-y attribute is at the end of the stemlet, as for stems. This is a similar limitation as not including the horizontal length of beam hooks. Neither one is generally accessible from notation programs at present. Both can be also be automated reasonably well in the absence of specific formatting information.

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