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OASIS TC will NOT proceed

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OASIS TC will NOT proceed

Postby Michael Good » Wed Feb 04, 2004 12:08 pm

Here is the message that Matthew Dovey, Don Byrd, and myself sent to the OASIS list yesterday:

<quotes from earlier message snipped>

It may be desirable to proceed before the window for defining a proper standard closes, but, unfortunately, the vast majority of the interest on this list has been from academic and not-for-profit organisations plus some individual developers, and not commercial organisations. Michael's experience at NAMM also failed to show real interest in a de jure standard from commercial organisations.

Michael feels that without buy-in from the larger music notation companies, there isn't much of a business case for Recordare to be part of an OASIS process - as he says, they need to be customer-driven in where they invest their time. To progress without Recordare's MusicXML would at best fragment the effort (with the possible conclusion of both an OASIS open standard, and a competing Recordare de facto standard). Without enough industry participation, we don't really see the OASIS process ever getting past an unimplemented committee draft.

After careful consideration, we have decided not to go forward with a proposal for an OASIS Technical Committee on music notation at this time. This discussion group found strong interest in a TC from several quarters, but not the level of interest from commercial organizations that we believe would be necessary to create a successful OASIS standard; in particular, Michael did not see enough to justify his company's participation. One of the reasons we consider OASIS a suitable body for any such activity is its emphasis on business use as driving its standards (i.e. that these are standards which are actually used) without ignoring academic inputs

The three of us are disappointed at this result, but we hope that the situation will change in the future. A Technical Committee can be formed when and if it does, and the discussions of the last few months have proved useful in that we have an almost complete statement of purpose and scope ready.

And speaking of windows, note also that OASIS will terminate this discussion list very soon, on 4 February (tomorrow).

Matthew, Michael, and Don.
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