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Dolet for Finale 1.0.5 / MusicXML 0.6c now available

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Dolet for Finale 1.0.5 / MusicXML 0.6c now available

Postby Michael Good » Mon Sep 30, 2002 11:30 pm

For those not on the Recordare announcement list, Dolet for Finale 1.0.5 and MusicXML 0.6c are now available at:

The big news for Dolet for Finale 1.0.5 is support for Finale 2003's tablature notation. Support for pop and jazz music is also improved in other ways, with support for Finale's JazzText and JazzTextExtended fonts, along with more robust chord symbol support. You can check what has changed in these versions at the version histories:

The big change in MusicXML 0.6c is to fix a problem with the hammer-on and pull-off elements. They are now children of the technical element instead of the slur element. This works better for notation, since one slur over many notes may have several hammer-ons or pull-offs across several pairs of notes. It will also work better with the way Finale supports hammer-on and pull-off notations in a future version of Dolet.

Most of the other changes were discussed on this list, such as mode definitions, an improved definition of the cancel element, and the maximum value for the divisions element. The MusicXML DTD Public License has also been updated to be more consistent with the W3C license, explicitly including the right to distribute the DTD. The full set of changes are listed at:

The bigger MusicXML changes for pop music and tablature support will come in 0.7. Since the hammer-on and pull-off are an incompatible change, we wanted to get this out there before any software starts writing to the old definition.

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