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XML validation

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XML validation

Postby Michael Good » Thu Sep 12, 2002 10:48 am

As Paul mentioned, XML was designed explicitly to avoid the "browser war" issues that plagued HTML. If you are validating an XML file, you must report an error if there is an unrecognized tag.

We do have a couple of general-purpose elements in MusicXML that can serve as placeholders until some areas are better defined. There's a <miscellaneous> element within <identification> that can contain <miscellaneous-field> elements. This can be handy for including musical metadata directly in a MusicXML file.

Similarly, there's a <grouping> element that can contain <feature>
elements which was requested as a general-purpose musical analysis element.

Data in these elements cannot be shared easily between applications, since the standard semantics is minimal. But it lets applications that want to use MusicXML's notation features also include metadata and analysis data, areas where MusicXML's features are not yet so complete.

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