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"hidden" key sigs

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"hidden" key sigs

Postby John Lynch » Wed Sep 11, 2002 6:31 pm

Speaking of modes, I'm implementing "bagpipe" mode in the ABC translator. This basically means two things: all note stems are down (easy enough), and all C's and F's are sharps
(basically A mix). The trick is that no key signature is displayed, and no accidentals are displayed. This is straightforward to do with MusicXML: all the note pitches have the proper alter element and no accidental notations, and a key value isn't specified for the key (so no fifths value and no mode).

Is this the correct way to handle this, or should I specify A mix (fifths = 2, mode
= mix) and suppress the key signature display somehow? The latter is probably more indicative of what's really in the music, but the former approach works as is.

Thanks, John
John Lynch
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RE: "hidden" key sigs

Postby Michael Good » Thu Sep 12, 2002 12:31 am

Hi John,

There's currently no way to specify a hidden key signature in MusicXML, so what you're doing (just <alter> elements, no <key> or <accidental>
elements) is correct.

Best regards, Michael
Michael Good
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