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Cancelling key signatures

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Cancelling key signatures

Postby Michael Good » Wed Aug 21, 2002 12:03 pm

Has anyone used the MusicXML <cancel> element yet for cancelling key signatures?

Now that Finale 2003 gives plug-ins the ability to write as well as read the relevant document options for this feature, we're planning to add it to the upcoming Dolet maintenance release. In the process, we found that the current definition of the text of the <cancel> element does not work so well. With implementation experience, it seems that <cancel> should define the old key signature, not the difference between the old and new key signature. So going from the key of B-flat major to F major should be <cancel>-2</cancel> rather than <cancel>-1</cancel>.

If this adversely affects anybody writing software, or you otherwise think we should keep the old definition, please let me know.

Thanks, Michael
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