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Postby alt97 » Wed Nov 19, 2014 2:36 pm

Hello all. I'm new to the forum and wanted to post my web address if that is ok. I use GPO for all my compositions and finale for the notation is my site. I'm interested in all manner of discussions. Let me know if this is the right forum for this..thanks
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Re: website

Postby kingfreeze » Fri Nov 21, 2014 10:38 am

Hello Alt: I dig your compositions, I always liked atonal music, and the quartet sounds like you nailed it. The site was a little difficult to access, especially on a tablet, I would always post an active link to your site for the listener.
Is this the right forum for you ? The forum mostly deals with technical issues with make music products, garritan libraries and finale products, in that sense, yes. The media page is also a good place to use. However, we have seen a decline in participation. A few guys tried really hard to make this forum work, and I owe my skills to their patience. Still, there is much technical info on a variety of subjects here.
I use a variety of forums to post media, however, I have been trying to score for film, you might not. But I use...
northern sounds
kvg audio
several forums on FB (film composer sites)
reaper forums (I don't know if you're using a daw, I don't think so, if not, that would be something to look at when you feel ready), I started using reaper a couple months ago, the learning curve was steep. My primary goal wAs export midi files from finale, and mix and render the files from reaper. They are very helpful there, and I now, after a year, have a handle on the entire process I wanted to possess.
Breaking it down, composer>sound designer>audio engineer, I found that was the path I needed. And I use finale pm 2011, gpo4, gwi, reaper, tal III reverb plug in, reaper, and audacity.
Your site is a good start, and pursue your path...good luck.
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