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Classical attempt- Carmen

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Classical attempt- Carmen

Postby KMFrye » Wed Mar 12, 2014 9:00 pm

My mother "was" Carmen back in the late 1940s, long before I was born, but I grew up with it in the house and this piece has always resonated with me. So when she turned 91 in November, I thought I would see how realistic I could get the sound of the orchestra using Finale and Garritan.

This is a work "in progress". I have written the arrangement from an old IMSLP score specifically for GPO and the score is so full of markups that a real orchestra would like as not reject it as unplayable.

But I think I am closing in on the most realism I can wring out of Finale..

I hope some folks enjoy it. I also hope the link works!
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Re: Classical attempt- Carmen

Postby boulifb » Sat Mar 15, 2014 5:39 am

Not bad at all for a first shot.

You can improve your work by humanizing it and make better balance.
Also, you should not use the auto trills. You should make them yourself: it will sound much better. And due to the fast temp of this piece 1/16th of a note should sound natural for the trills.

I made it 4 years ago. Here is my version:

I hope you'll like it. It's made with various libraries from Garritan (GPO...) and other libraries.


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Re: Classical attempt- Carmen

Postby rbowser » Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:23 am

KMFrye wrote:My mother "was" Carmen back in the late 1940s, long before I was born, but I grew up with it in the house and this piece has always resonated with me...

But I think I am closing in on the most realism I can wring out of Finale...

Your link works perfectly, Kevin - You got the hang of it now!

What a wonderful story behind your personal attraction to and resonance with "Carmen." It's a rich, beautiful score, but I can only imagine how even more wonderful it is through your eyes as the proud son of an incarnation of "Carmen" herself!

In response to the last part of your quote above, I have an idea which may sound overwhelming - but I'll offer it anyway: I think this may be a perfect project for you to bring into Reaper so you can try your hand at wringing out more realism in the MIDI tracks there - !

In your DAW software, Reaper, you might have a better chance to focus in on the balance between instruments, for one thing. Right now, in this version, an imbalance between instruments is an issue. Loosening up the quantization would be a goal too. Maybe there are other Human Playback settings you could first try in Finale, because this does have that player piano strict playback characteristic which is hampering the track's effectiveness. I like Fred's suggestion that you play the trills - something else you could do in Reaper.

It's an idea anyway - I think it could be an exciting project to spread out in Reaper with this, and see what else you can do.

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Re: Classical attempt- Carmen

Postby Jonnie91 » Tue Mar 18, 2014 1:41 pm

I second what the others state, especially with bringing it into reaper, to humanize the track more, it does at time feel very robotic/static. But I do enjoy Carmen! and it's a composed well, but as Randy said if you bring it into Reaper you can do even more with it good luck and great start!
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