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Mixing Garritan with other Libraries

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Mixing Garritan with other Libraries

Postby Fred @ MakeMusic » Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:17 pm

Hello everyone-

Here's a quick set of guidelines for posting material that mixes Garritan and non-Garritan libraries:

1) Please use discretion when posting. We would like any piece to predominantly feature Garritan libraries.
2) Please inform in your post that other libraries besides Garritan libraries were used to create the piece. However, libraries from competitive manufacturers should not be mentioned specifically by name or alluded to in the post.
3) As a listener, if you would like to know more about non Garritan content in a piece, we just ask that you direct the question to the composer via private message.

MakeMusic inc. reserves the editorial right to remove any posts we feel violate the above guidelines.


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Fred @ MakeMusic
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Re: Mixing Garritan with other Libraries

Postby tedvanya » Wed Feb 11, 2015 8:32 pm

Hello Fred ( or any one interested ):
While I am interested in Make Music products, I am very concerned about the treatment a former customer of yours, who does have purchase order number and key-card for GPO4, since for what ever reason Make Music can not find records of his purchase, he is denied a download after a hard drive crash wiped his program.
I am very seriously considering NOT to buy from Make Music, because of this incredible lack of service, since what is assuring me that if I buy your flagship, (not Garritan) program, after a similar loss you will treat me in a similar fashion?
I do understand that this is not my problem now, (I do have GPO4) but I can smell the treatment we got on Gigastudio already spreading to your organization also. In the complicated organization you have treating the Garritan side as a troublesome foster child, while there are thousands of customers are using and enjoying the products, is indicating to me to keep away from your other products as well. Please tell me that I am wrong, you stand behind your products.

Ted Vanya
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