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"Common Conversations" - (Orchestral Art Song)

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"Common Conversations" - (Orchestral Art Song)

Postby efiebke » Mon Dec 23, 2013 6:57 am

Hi -

This piece is titled, "Common Conversations". It was my first orchestral composition (ever) using GPO. I wrote this piece around early 2005 using the old "pencil to blank manuscript paper" method. Took me forever! LOL! (I'm still composing using the "pencils to blank manuscript paper" method and it still takes me forever to finish a project! UGH!) I believe that I used either Cubase or an earlier version of Sonar (Cakewalk) to sequence this piece. It was before I got into the computer-world of Apple, so it must have been either of those two audio-sequencing programs. (I use either Logic Pro or Digital Performer now.)

I've since lost the original sequencing project to this piece. But, I have the original mixed-down version of it archived. Took me awhile to find it. I wish I had the original project file because I would mix it down a whole lot differently now. So, it is what it is both compositionally and mixing-wise. I did add a touch of reverb, though because the original sounded too dry.

This piece brings back a lot of memories. I remember working with GPO for the first time. At the time of purchase, GPO was my first computer-based orchestral library. At that time (like most people who were sequencing back then) I had a rack full of tone generators and synth modules. I still have most of them neatly tucked in my closet getting absolutely no use, thanks to all of the computer-based instrumental libraries. In many ways, GPO opened up new worlds for me. It opened up the world of 100% computer-based sequencing which has become quite the expensive hobby for me! LOL! But it also opened up the world of orchestral composition. THIS is precious to me. With regards to composing for orchestra, I'm self-taught. I've learned a lot over recent years but still have much more to learn. I term my style "Orchestral Art Songs" which are largely free in form. Since this piece, I've slowly experimented with other compositional techniques. But in many ways, this is the first of what I hope to be a long lifetime of writing this style of orchestral composition. It's simple, but I tried to make "simple" interesting. It uses very common and often-used chord progressions and because of this I titled it "Common Conversations". (I like using common chord progressions, also known as chord cliches, and compose/orchestrate them to make them a bit more interesting.) Anyway, enjoy! :)

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Re: "Common Conversations" - (Orchestral Art Song)

Postby rbowser » Mon Dec 23, 2013 8:44 am

Ted, I'm really glad the advent of the new Forum has brought you back. Maybe even more old stalwarts of the Northern Sounds Forum will also eventually find their way over.

And now you're here with such fun music - I can even say Enchanting music. Really enjoyed the listen just now - AND, perhaps #1 - banish all criticisms of whatever shortcomings you think this old recording has. We're all critical of our work when looking back, sometimes even when we're only looking back a month! But this is from 2005, your first piece with GPO - I think that it is really remarkable.

I love the text of your post too. What you say about what GPO meant to you when you first got it, and what a wonderful new world of possibilities it brought you - That text speaks for so many of us. As I read, I felt I could have written virtually the same thing. I think newer GPO users may not quite understand how revolutionary it was when Gary first came out with GPO. Before he did that, people with normal budgets just had no way of assembling a software orchestra. It was great to read your excellent tribute to the revolution Gary started, and your personal account of how it effected your life.

Back to the music. It has a breezy, happy tone that is unique - I really like it, especially the segment with oboe in the lead starting around 1:30.

Thank you, Ted - Thanks for the text, the music, and for helping Gary's new Forum come alive.

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Re: "Common Conversations" - (Orchestral Art Song)

Postby Michael.B » Mon Dec 23, 2013 10:20 am

Hello Ted,

I enjoyed listening to your 'Common Conversations'.

I liked the light, playful character and I think you did a great job with your mixing and and use of ambience.

Thanks for posting this.

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